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(to get surprised)
A: (I'm surprised to hear that you are going to the US.)
B: (Yes. Please come to visit me there.)

(Please tell me)
A: (Could you tell me your E-mail address?)
B: (Sorry. I don't have an E-mail address.)

(I don't like it so much.)
A: (What is your next class?)
B: (English. I don't like the teacher so much.)

(I'm too tired)
A: (How are you?)
B: (I'm tired to death.)

(Long time no see.)
A: (Hi! Long time no see. How are you?)
B: (Yeah. I'm ok. And you?)

(It's troublesome.)
A: (Why don't you answer my E-mail?)
B: (Because it's troublesome for me.)

(to live by myself)
A: (Keiko, do you live by yourself or live with your parents?)
B: (I live by myself. So I miss them.)

(to have no choice)
A: (Oh. We missed the last train.)
B: (There is nothing for it but to pick up a taxi. How much do you have?)